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Plattform Flink Light

井 3.1 bis 井 3.12, Plattform Flink light, Gips, Marmormehl, Rügenkreide auf Natur-Jute, Gobo-Projektion Apache Flink Logo, Größen 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 60 x 150 cm. Gesamtgröße ca. 320 x 300 cm, 2019

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井 3.1 (river part 1) 60x60 cm

井 3.2 (windy landscape, far away) 60x60cm

井 3.3 (couple in love, draming, some faces looking, and some other nice things happens in the wood) 90x60 cm

井 3.4 (river part 2) 60x60 cm

井 3.5  (jumping antelope, flying mountain lion, raging water, some trees and twigs and god thor)

井 3.6  (mantis sitting in front of th rocks, eating a leaf, water running down from the rocks) 90x60 cm

井 3.7 (a carp suprised, a hunting snake) 60x60cm

井 3.8 (clammy loam and a diving duckbill, roots in earth and a strange creature digs)

井 3.9 (by wind moving landscape, a bear looking down the high mountain, a fire in the countryside and a littl waterfall) 60x150cm

井 3.10  (lot of seals and fishes are living in that picture) 60x120cm

井 3.11 (close up view into a small running water) 60x90cm

井 3.12 (a big flower opens) 60x60cm